Granol was born in april 1964, founded by Mr. Germano Guido Baldi, Mr. José Gomes Cadette, and Mr. João Serdan D`Alarico. Without employees, with borrowed tables, in a 43m² rented room in the Palácio do Comércio building, on 24 de maio Street, downtown, São Paulo. From Contibrasil (Continental Grain New York Group), with a bold and entrepreneurial vision, they started the new business. At the time, Mr. Gomes and Mr. João were only 25 years old. Until 1971, Granol was a commodity trading company, and from 1972 it started industrial activities byacquiring its first peanut and soybean processing factory in Junqueirópolis city. In 1974, Granolincreased its industrial activities by acquiring another industrial unit in Tupã city. The company begins its expansion process and market achievement, becoming one of the largest manufacturers of bran and vegetable oils in Brazil. With modernization programs and technological innovations, Granol defined its market position as a responsible company, concerned about the environment, its community, and employees, thus determining its institutional values.

With the acquisition of Junqueirópolis and Tupã units, Granol adds the industrial activities of grain processing and oil refining to the commodities trading, the beginning of a growing industrial expansion.
In 1982, the Osvaldo Cruz unit became part of the Granol group with the purchase of S.A. Romanini Vegetable Oil Industry, expanding Granol’s soybean and soybean oil production, distinguished by including a rail link in the Fepasa Paulista S.A. grid.

Mr. Mário Hoshika
1974 – Dr. Juan Diego Ferrés Dellapine

In 1986, the Anápolis unit became part of the Granol group by fully acquiring a modern industrial complex. In the 90s, Granol consolidated its growth. It studied its market to adapt its strategies more and more, optimizing resources and synergies between its factories, and preparing for the 2000s, a prosperous and challenging period.

In 2003 Granol started its activities in Bebedouro/SP with the Olma S/A Vegetable Oil company acquisition. It also deploys the 900ml plastic bottle filling. In 2006 Granol purchased the Cachoeira do Sul/RS.

In 2012 Granol acquired the Biodiesel factory in Porto Nacional city and began the first-grain processor construction in the State of Tocantins.

Another milestone was the Granol  Osvaldo Cruz Social Place opening, receiving 30 children from 3 to  5years of age for daily care. With a team formed by educators, pedagogues,  and nutritionists, in addition to the kitchen and general services staff, the daycare received not only children from Granol employees, but also from families nearby who were unable to leave their children in private daycare centers.

Today, with  over half a century of tradition, Granol is one of the most respectable agribusiness complexes, genuinely Brazilian. There are 3 industrial complexes,  8 regional grain purchasing and storage facilities, 2 grain transshipments and the head office in São Paulo-SP. Besides, that there is the static storage capacity of more than  379.350 tons of grain and 55.000 tons of bran, crushing of 1.072.000 tons/year, 874.720 tons/year of soybean, 227.800 tons/year crude oil refining and packaging,  13,000 suppliers and more than 5,000 active customers.

Granol is proud to be Brazilian. And it does everything to make Brazil proud of it too.


To operate as a crusher of oilseeds, adding value to their by-products and derivatives . To promote long-lasting relationships driven by the quality and excellence of its products and services, by the fulfillment of its commitments and by the ongoing demonstration of respect to the environment and to all individuals alike, thus achieving a distinguished position in the marketplace while generating sustainable gains.


To be a reference of excellence in the agribusiness sector recognized for its ethical principles and active participation in developing social and environmental solutions. A company with a friendly and respectful work environment that recognizes differences, encourages new initiatives and entrepreneurship, and thrives with the spirit of teamwork, driving its associates to succeed, accomplish loftier goals and to always deliver excellence in their actions, services and manufactured products.


To honor and dignify Brazil’s name domestically and internationally.
To respect all individuals, treating them honestly and ethically whether they be our clients, suppliers, associates or friends.
To fulfill all of our commitments with individuals, institutions and companies alike.
To accept and welcome all associates, suppliers, clients and friends regardless of race, color, religion, gender, social condition or disability.
To support and encourage all employees, suppliers, clients and associates in their decisions and actions which may lead to their professional and personal development, as well as that of theirs or our companies.
To respect the environment and teach employees of all levels to adopt eco-friendly attitudes both at work and in their homes.
To value GRANOL’s name and reputation that has been constructed for over five decades of hard work and commitment to excellence.
To practice dutifully all principles of this declaration.

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