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GRANOL’s has facilities in 4 locations that merge competitive logistics regarding the supplementation of raw materials and dispatching of the production. These facilities are located in Goiás, Rio Grande do Sul, São Paulo and Tocantins.

These factories are supported by regional storage units, totaling 33 units situated in the primary soy-producing areas in Brazil. In these units, the acquired soybeans are pre-cleaned, dried, stored and/or transshipped, guaranteeing GRANOL’s strategic presence for each industrial plant. 

As for production dispatching, GRANOL operates a range of multimodal transportation. 

Transshipping for our unit in Porto Nacional/TO is interconnected with the Ferrovia Norte Sul (EF-151) – the most modern and efficient railroad in the country – which allows this new crushing unit to reduce transportation costs to ports in the North that are strategically positioned as to serve markets in Europe, North America and in Asia through the Panama Canal. 

As for our plant in Anápolis/GO, the production is directly linked to a loading dock of the Ferrovia Norte Sul. GRANOL is the first company to operate in the entirety of the railroad’s central path – the largest railroad path in the country – transporting soybean meal from Anápolis/GO all the way to Porto de Itaqui/São Luis/MA. As pioneers in the industry, GRANOL’s initiative marks the history of the company and of Brazil.

Beyond the Ferrovia Norte Sul, we also operate a loading dock in the Ferrovia Centro-Atlântica (FCA) on a dispatching route to export soybean meal to the port in Vitória/ES.

As for the industrial units in São Paulo, intermodal transportation (highways, waterways, and railways) is the best resource to reduce dispatching costs of the soybean meal through the Port of Paranaguá/PR and the Port of Santos/SP.

Additionally, the factory in Cachoeira do Sul/RS, situated only 350km from the Port of Rio Grande/RS, utilizes an internal railway system and its own fluvial port (through the Hidrovia do Rio Jacuí/ Lagoa dos Patos/to Porto de Rio Grande – RS) for product dispatch as an alternative to transportation through highways.

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